Passover 2020

The Perfect Glatt Kosher Pesach 2020 Programs in Europe!

Salou – Barcelona-Costa Dorada

Negresco Hotel & Spa, fully renovated!

Hôtel Negresco & SPA **** Salou –“Sea side”

Glatt Kosher (no Kitniot & no Gebrokts)

Hotel secured and fully privatized by Olam holidays !

Superstar “Itzik Dadya”


Best Negresco**** & Spa located on the

Sea front


Modern and confortable spacious rooms

Sea view


Fine and gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine !

supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Wolff


Spectacular evenings, cantorial shows, folklore evening and much more…


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2 Pesach Programs

Passover 2020 Holidays

From Tuesday 7th April to Friday 17th April  (or Sunday 19th April)

Direct flights from major European capitals to Barcelone.

Direct flights from major European capitals to Pisa or Florence .

Kid's club

“Children’s paradise”

Qualified activity leaders for each age group,in a safe environment

Leisure activities, games, dancing, song, outdoor activities…

Themed evenings just for them, with no parents allowed!
A list of babysitters is available to parents.


Scholars & Lectures

Exceptional Speakers, Timely Topics
Pesach with Olam Olidays means you are ensured a growth-filled, meaningful experience. For your spiritual satisfaction, each day of Yom Tov will bring world-renowned lecturers speaking on a variety of timely, relevant topics.



Ever dream of a Chol HaMoed Pesach 2020 minus traffic, hassle…and kvetching? This Pesach, get ready to enjoy an endless stream of fabulous shows for all ages—by staying put.

Olam holidays has prepared an unforgettable lineup, bringing you the best and brightest of the Jewish entertainment world today for Passover 2020.

Theme evening, Games, Magic Shows, Close Up, Karaoke and Animators Shows.

Leisure and activities

Spectacular evenings, Cantorial shows, Folklore evening with local music and dance and much more… with Hassidic and Oriental music


* Musical Extravaganzas
* Top Name Comedians
* Comedy Groups
* Jewish & Israeli Vocalists
* Illusionists & Magicians
* Casino Night
* Games & Tournaments