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    We wanted to thank you for a wonderful family holiday vacation. We have enjoyed our stay a great deal and loved the staff, program, and accommodations. We wanted to express our gratitude for your hard work and great service. Kindly add us to your list or recipients for your mailings so we may sign up for next year's program when it becomes available. The Yarimis
    Dear amazing team. As you know we had to stay in NY for the beginning of Passover (Leil Haseder) based on missing flight, and we had unwanted expenses such as transportation, food rebooking etc'. However, We wanted to share we enjoyed so much during our stay in Spain for the rest of Passover and defiantly by you. We want to deeply Thank You for unusual service, profession team, delicious varied food, and interesting activities in one word - amazing. Moreover, for the kids club which gives us the opportunity to travel around and to enjoy the views. Al the best, and we are looking forward to the next vacation with you. Sincerely, The Yarimi Family.
    "Just to thank you from the whole of the group. The holiday went extremely well and we all went home very happy. Please let me know when you have decided about next year. Best wishes" Jeff Shulkind (UK)
    "To all the amazing staff that worked so hard to create an amazing chag, Jonny and I would like to say thank you for organising and creating an amazing and relaxing pesach. We all had a great time. The madrichot were fantastic and our children loved going to the baby and kids club. The environment was warm and caring. Everyone was so helpful. I know there was an incident with our son going to the beech during the kids camp activities, but everyone apologies and before they did any activity someone always came and asked if it was ok to do. This level of care was natural to the madrichot you choose from the various seminaries. Their middot were outstanding. Once again thank you for a lovely chag and all the work that went into it." jenny and jonny wilks
    "Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliant pesach. The hotel, food, service etc. was all excellent and the whole family had a great time. It was clear to see the tremendous effort you, chaim and your wives put into the programme - please pass on my thanks to them too. Wishing you much further success and hope to join you again." Avi Cohen (uk)
    "Thank you for a very nice Pesach. your food was outstanding. Your Staff were exceptional and a credit to you. Hope to attend with you again next year. Kol Tuv" Harvey (Chayim) Miller
    "We just want to thank you and your team that we could have such a nice Yom Tov at your hotel. We hope that if you change the location next year – that you will find again such a nice place. All the best and looking forward to hear from you," Victor Kornfein (and the family)
    "We had the most wonderful time We enjoyed the food, the hotel, the entertainment, the speakers, the davening & the wide range of guests. It really was a lovely program. I think most of all, your attention to detail. We felt very looked after & it was really a pleasure to be there from start to finish." Klein Family Sydney, AUSTRALIA
    "Our kids have never gone to the day camp when we went to other programs. They couldn't wait to get out of their room in the morning so they could go to the day camp Jerusalem, Israel. You were always there!" Montreal, CANADA
    "We had excellent accommodations, abundant & delectable food & interesting nearby attractions. We also were extremely pleased and impressed by the heimesh quality of the religious services, the stirring & instructional lectures & the cultured, modern orthodox & non-ostentatious manners of the other participants. The fact that we had a chance to meet people from all across the country was another plus." London, UK
    "We want to thank you for a very successful and meaningful Pesach. The entire staff (including you!) were great! The crowd was really nice & of course the food (especially the desserts) were outstanding!" Paris, France
    We had a great time! You know your crowd and your hospitality was superb. The Hotel was nice and the rooms were comfortable. The food was good and tasty and there was a lot of it. Los Angeles, CA
    "The setting, the hevreh, the davening, the relaxing atmosphere, the classes and activities, the food, the administration, the kitchen and other camp staff . . . it is all wonderful. We recommend this relaxing, inspiring and enjoyable experience for all ages. Bring some friends or family or find new friends there." New Jersey Family
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