Pesach 2020 -Glatt Kosher Salou - Spain

Olam Holidays

The Perfect Glatt Kosher Pesach 2021 Programs in Europe!

Exceptional Program ! Dream Destination! 

      Salou – Costa Dorada Spain ****

Sun , Escape , and Skiing– Arc 2000 -Savoie – France

Olam Holidays is proud to present Passover 2021 Program in Spain -Costa Dorada – Barcelona

Pesach 2021 in France -Arc 2000 
Enjoy the unique opportunity to celebrate Passover holiday in the idyllic setting of a beautiful destination.
Arrive like a guest and leave like family !

The concept

Olam Holidays , designer, creative and innovative in the achievement of holiday Kosher Deluxe.

Designed by professionals of high-end tourism.
Proven experience in organizing prestigious Koshers travel in luxurious hotels in the world’s most renowned hotel chains. for over 10 years.

Fruit of our knowledge and our experience in high gastronomy in collaboration with starred chefs.

Our engagement

Within few years, the company eamed a glowing reputation and became a leading name in organizing Pesach and other holiday vacations.
Professionalism and reliability are not merely slogans at Olam Holidays.PESACH 2021

Exclusively featured by Olam Holidays during Passover 2021, our engaging and exciting activities will delight you from the moment you arrive at Salou.
Some of our distinctive program highlights include inspiring scholars, superlative day camp and teen programs, and nightly Chol Hamoed